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AIR CANADA – halal food is not always halal.

Bread- a. President's Choice Bake at Home garlic bread contains white wine

b. Drake Bakeries (Div. Of Borden foods Inc.) – Honey bun, lard

c. Keebler- all products, lard

d. Nabisco - all products, lard

e. Stroehmann Brothers Co - Hillbilly Bread, White bread

Burger King –

a. Burger King milkshakes- contain whey

b. BK Onion Rings – shared oil

c. BK fish filets- shared oil

d. Shortening used in from swine = HARAM

e. Lard is used in buns and apple pie = HARAM

f. Lecithin is used in buns =HARAM


a. McCain Delite frozen cake, manufactured by McCain Foods Limited

b. No Name english muffins- contains l-cystine from human hair

c. Vachon Christmas cakes – contains lard

d. Ah Caramel! Triple Choco cakes contain beef tallow and lard

e. Wonder brand english muffins contain L-cysteine

Candy- Tootsie Roll candies


Harvest Crunch Light and Crisp crereal, by Quaker oats company,vanilla extract contains ethyl alcohol


a. Jalapeno White Cheddar Cheese dip contains animal rennet

b. Our Compliments brand Macaroni and Cheese

c. Saputo- Saputo Feta Cheese

Saputo Provolone Cheese

Saputo Grated Romano and Parmesan Cheeses

Saputo Process Cheese (sliced)

Saputo Provella Cheese

d. Feta and Parmesan cheeses – by PIZZA PIZZA

e. Swiss Knight, Gerber cheeses contain animal rennet

f. Nacho Cheese Bugles- contain rennet

g. Kraft Singles Swiss "Light" process cheese slices, Kraft Singles Mozzarella (regular) cheese – contain rennet

h. Krinos feta cheeses

i. PIZZA PIZZA- Cheese blend (X-treme cheese topping) ,Parmesan ,Cheese used in san dwiches

j.Black Diamond cheeses- Old Cheddar, Extra Old Cheddar &any Processed Cheese ( cheese slices &cheeses spreads) are the only ones that contain animal rennet.

k. Framageries Bal. Inc – contains calf rennet

l. McCadm Co. - contains calf rennet

m. Clearfield - Natural Cheese Kosher Brand, contains rennet


a. DORITOS® Cool Ranch, Jalapeno & Cheddar Cheese, Smokey Red BBQ, and Zesty Cheese Flavoured Tortilla Chips

b. BAKED RUFFLES® Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavoured Potato Chips

c. RUSTLERS™ Original Beef and Pepperoni Beef Sausage Sticks

d. MUNCHIES™ BBQ Flavoured Snack Mix
e. SUNCHIPS® French Onion Flavoured Multigrain Snacks

f. Humpty Dumpty's cheese flavoured corn snacks

Christie Original Bits & Bites Snack Mix, by Nabisco Ltd.- contain haram cheese

Cosmetic - Chesbrough Ponds Inc., Vaseline, Intensive Lotion; contains lard

a. Ahoy- contain rennet and whey

Chips!Ahoy, Peanut butter chips Ahoy!cooki

b. Christie Coffee Breaks cookies, manufactured by Nabisco Ltd- contain lard

c. Peek Freans Shortcake Cookies contain beef fat.

Country style-

a. Chocolate Brownies and Maple Donut Icings - contain alcohol

b. Black Forest, Lemon, and Cappuccino cakes - contain alcohol

c. Cheese in baked products could have animal rennet


a. Country style donut- contain whey

b. Robin's Donuts – whey and gelatin

c. Krispy Kreme's glazed doughnuts contain alcohol

Drinks- Pepsi Vanilla and Diet Pepsi Vanilla – contains alcohol

a. McDonald fries ( American McDonald fries are halal)

b. Valley Farms Limited of Bristol – may contain beef tallow

c. Wendy fries- fried in shared oil

d. Harvey's Fries – shared oil

e. KFC fries- shared oil

f. Taco Bell- shared oil

Flakes- Vachon Passion Flakes - by Culinar Inc.

General Goods:

Swan Down Cake mixes – lard, Gelatin

Jell-O Brad Gelatin Desert

General Mills Inc. – ready to spread frosting

a.Trident Splash gum, strawberry-kiwi & vanillamint flavour combos-contain gelatin

b. Colgate dental gum – contains gelatin

c. Beach Nut

Ice cream-

a. Baskin Robbins vanilla flavoured ice cream

b. Nestle ice creams contain alcohol

c. Pensupreme


a. Enfamil Nutramigen and Pregestimil contain enzymes from pigs and

the Fer-in-Sol drops contain ethyl alcohol

b. Nestle SMA Infant Formula- contains rennet

c. Nestle Good Start infant formula – contains pork trypsin

KFC- KFC's poutine

Knox Gelatin Inc.: From pork and beef


a. McCain Hashbrowns, manufactured by McCain Foods

b. McCain Triple Chill, Deep'n Delicious, Delite, and Cream Pie frozen desserts


a. Fruit'n Yogurt Parfait- contains gelatin

b. McDonald's Filet-o-Fish – shared oil

c. Fat-Wise Cranberry-Orange muffins at McDonald's Canada may contain gelatin


a. GNC's Whey Protein supplements, which are used by athletes for body building, exercise, etc

b. Buckley's liquid cough and cold medications

c. Seldane capsule – contains pepsin

M & M co. – Starbrust fruit chews , contains gelatin from lard

No Name- No Name brand Dijon Mustard contains wine

Penn Maid Food Inc.- swiss yogourt, contains gelatin


a. Mc Cain pizza containing lipase

b. Ziggy's International pizza crust

c. Famosa pizza crust

d.Domino's Pizza- contain l-cystine

oetker's Ristorante frozen pizzas

f. Ellio's - swine pepsin containing cheddar cheese

g. Quaker Celeste – swine pepsin containing mozzarella cheese

Pot Cleaners-

a. Purex Corporation Brillo - Soap pads
b. Kosher Soap (Packaged 2 each Pink& Green Bars per carton)
c. Double Pads

President choice-President's Choice Vegetable Lasagna – contain pepsin, animal rennet

a. Pizza Pizza's garlic sauce contains rennet

b. Hamburger Sauce, Poutine Gravy, Sandwich Sauce, Steak Sauce, etc

c. Kikkoman Soy Sauce (naturally brewed) – contain alcohol

d. Ragu Diced Tomatoes, Garlic & Herbs pasta sauce contains "dehydrated romano cheese".

Schneiders Lunchmates – all products except pizza

Soap –

a. Proctor & Gamble Co. – Ivory, Camay, Safe Guard, Coast, Zest contains pork & beef tallow

b. Lever Brothers Co – Lux, Lifebuoy, Phase II, Dove, Caress; contains pork & beef tallow

c. Colgate Palmolive Co – Palmolive, Cashmere; contains pork & beef tallow

d. Andrew Jergen Co – Jergens, Woodbury; contains pork & beef tallow

e. Armour Dial inc – Dial, Tone, Irish spring; contains pork & beef tallow

f. Amway Corporation - All Bar Soaps, Nivia Creams; contains pork & beef tallow


a. Campbell's cream soups contains animal rennet in whey

b. Habitant Pea Soup and Pea Soup with Garden Vegetables both contain lard

c. Equality brand Homestyle Vegetable Soup contains beef broth

d. Slim·Fast Instant Soups

e. Manchu WOK -

f. Chow Mein

g. Mixed Vegetables Dish

h. Egg Drop Soup

i. Spring Roll

Taco Bell-

Bean & Cheese Burrito, Nachos and Cheese, Chalupa Supreme (with beans instead of meat), 7 layer burrito, Cheesy Gordita Crunch (with beans instead of meat), 1/2 lb bean burrito especial, Fiesta Taco Salad (with no meat), Cinnamon Twists, Cheese Quesadilla, Gordita Supreme (with beans instead of meat) - contain animal ingredients

Tim Horton:

a. Tim Hortons soups contain pork ingredients. Among the soups that contain pork ingredients (in either the dried or the frozen mix) are:

Cauliflower & Cheese, Tomato Florentine, Minestrone

b. Yogurt & berries dessert at the donut and coffee chain contains gelatin

c. Contain alcohol- Black Forest Cake, Almond, Cherry, Pineapple, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Plain White Cake Icings


a. Colgate Palmolive Co-Ultra Brite, Colgate Paste, Colgate Powder; contains lard

b. Procter and Gamble – Gleen; contains lard

Yogourt –

a. Astro brand yogurts containing gelatin.

b. Spring Valley yogourt

c. Lactantia brand yogurts contain gelatin.

d. Danone yogurts in Canada contain gelatin

e. Yoplait Source and Fruit & Cream varieties contain gelatin


a.Maple Lodge Farms

b. Lilydale chicken products,


A. Derived from pork or other animal

Bacon Ham Sausage Lard Fat Gelatin Shortening (animal).

B. Avoid - doubtful (may be derived from animal or vegetable):

Lecithin Emulsifier Dough conditioners Mono and diglycerides

Enzymes or rennet in cheese

C. You can use: HALAL

Soya-lecithin Soybean lecithin Vegetable lecithin Vegetable shortening

Vegetable mono and diglyceriders Vegetable enzymes or rennetless cheese.


D. Avoid may contain alcohol

Artificial and imitation extracts and flavorings


Please check the ingredients of every food brand, which you use. Also check any or all-new products you use before making your purchase. If you have any doubts, you may write or phone to the manufacturer, so far they have been very helpful to us and it will put your mind at ease.

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